October update 2012

Hello everyone.  I have had a fantastic year since putting my work “out there”.  Thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit the galleries or website.  My enthusiasm with the oils continues to grow and as my new work evolves I see progress on a few different levels.  It’s a lot like writing songs.  I have found more time this fall to get at it and hope to have a great show in the new year.  Cheers, kris

1 thought on “October update 2012

  1. hello kris. I’ve just been on your website to check you fully out and boy it’s good. also looked at the video which was I the resting as I watched the building up process

    I am going to get some acrylic oil tubes and give them a try as apparently they are a little more vibrant than oil and acrylic, but we will see about that, however the drying time is the issue and I think it may work out for me.

    I’m running out of friends, relatives and my own walls to accommodate my quirky style. it ain’t for everyone !

    I’ll send u an email with my latest which is nearly completed its a hoot.

    you know you lot talk like New Zealanders grin. not nicely like us Aussies. GRIN AGAIN


    PS ARE you working in the chemist?
    sandi fischer

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